Ulcinj, Your corner of the world this summer too!

You can get to Montenegro and Ulcinj very easily: by car, train or plane.

At the border crossings, you do not need tests or vaccination certificates, you only need to have properly issued documents (ID card or passport) and the desire to spend your vacation on the most beautiful sea, "among your own".

If you come by car, in addition to the driver's and traffic license, do not forget to bring the European report on the accident! We hope that you will not fill it in during your vacation, but it is very likely that the police will ask for it in a routine check. You can get it for free at any insurance company at the place where you register your vehicle. If you do not own it, you will be subject to a fine unnecessarily.

Montenegro is officially your "safe journey". It received the international SAFE TRAVELS label from the World Tourism and Travel Association (WTTC), and it allows travelers to identify destinations and companies around the world that have adopted global health hygiene standards.

Restaurants and cafes are open from 7 am to 11 pm, it is allowed to sit on the terraces and inside, respecting the measures of a maximum of four people at the table. Shops and shopping malls are open from 7 am to 10 pm. The curfew is from midnight to 5 in the morning, and the ban on intercity traffic is still in force on weekends. This does not apply to tourists who come to Ulcinj on weekends or leave Ulcinj. For them, traveling through Montenegro is completely safe.

With extremely favorable arrangements, Ulcinj hoteliers have tried to attract guests to their exclusive facilities, including those whose rooms, restaurants, wellness and spa centers match the best facilities in the most developed tourist destinations.

Private accommodation at this time of year is cheaper than ever - you can find a bed in a modern room with bathroom for only 5 euros, and all prices in restaurants are at the level of last year, which were lower compared to 2019 when Ulcinj and Montenegro achieved record tourist results!

Despite the fact that the ban on mass gatherings is still in force, which has largely caused the non-holding of events by which Ulcinj is recognized in the region, there are many things you can do in the most famous tourist city in Montenegro. In this pre-season period, we recommend easy walks by the sea. You can also spend the day in wellness and spa facilities in some hotels even if you are not their guest, have a coffee on the terraces overlooking the open sea. If you come to us in the summer, the choice of activities is much greater, and a stay on the beach and swimming in the warm sea will surely fill most of your day.

Whatever you do, you will be in Ulcinj and that is enough for your vacation to be fulfilled, because Ulcinj is looking forward to meeting you!

And this summer Ulcinj is your favorite corner of the world!